UK Fisheries Support
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Before you begin

Before you begin

Before starting your application, you should read the general guidance for the UK Fisheries Support. You should make sure you are eligible to apply based on the eligibility criteria defined in this guidance.

Your application will be saved each time you move to the next stage of the form, and you can also choose to save your application at any stage and return to it later.

Information and documents that may be needed when you apply

Individual identity validation

  • Photograph identity document – passport or driving licence, or
  • 1 utility bill dated within last 3 months
  • 1 bank statement for an account in your name, dated within last 3 months

Business identity validation

  • Applicant/Business details – name, address and company registration number
  • 1 bank statement for the business showing account name, address, sort code and account number, dated within last 3 months

Evidence to support application